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Protean Frokie,Frogadier, or Greninja


Trading Name: keeshthechief

Offer: I am just beating the third gym, but I can try and figure something out.

Request: Protean Greninja

Further info: I really wanted to add Greninja to my dream team, and as a pokemon I stay with throughout my whole journey, but you can’t find Protean Frogadier that easily until you beat the 6th gym and use friend safari. I would really really appreciate it if I could have one. Thank you!


Yea, can do. Can likely get you the greninja tomorrow or the day after. My timeframe is 5:00pm-8:00pm PST.


Thanks so much! I don’t know if tomorrow can work, but Friday 8 PM EST is when I’m almost 100% going to be on. Also, and I know this is a stretch, but I would really appreciate it if it could have good IV’s. It’s fine if it doesn’t. And finally what would you like from me for the Protean Froakie? I don’t have much but if I ever find something rare I could give it to you?


Yes, I can be on Friday. It has good IVs (almost perfect) and I think optimal nature for protean. I don’t mind any mons, just trying to help people out and I happened to have a parent froakie.


Thanks so much! You’re lowkey the best!


I’m going on right now. Hope you can make it!


Yep, yep. I’m here! :smiley:


Yoooo. Thank you so much for the quick reply!


What’s ur user again?


Sorry, Trading Username: XanderTheMerc19


It didn’t work???
It said you don’t exist??


Did it time out? Mighta spent a bit too much time trying to put a good item on the gren, my bad.


Also, names are sensitive, needs to be exact caps and numbers


Ya I put all the capitals and stuff. Should I try again?


Yea, might of misspelled something. Yours works fine!


There you go! Hope you enjoy it! :smiley:


Thanks so much! Your the best! If you ever need anything hit me up!


Yo I’m soooooooo sorry to bother you again, but you help me with something if you have time. It’s really quick.


Errm…what did you need help with?


I just wanted to have a special attacking Greninja instead of physical but I don’t have any good TM’s. If it’s possible could you put scald and dark pulse as replacements for low kick and aerial ace. It’s fine if you don’t want to, I realize now that I’m asking to much.