Protean frogadier

Trading Name: why u bully

Offer: any thiny u want

Request: protean frogadier i dont really care about natures, just don’t have any that minus special attack

Further info: anyone who has the 6th gym badge to go to one of the people with protean frogadiers on the freind safari. it will always have protean

Does this look good:
If you have a female delta koffing ,but if not just give me a good random pokemon.

yeah, looks nice, is there one with +special attack?

No, that is all that i got, i am sorry. :frowning:

can you try looking at the freind safaries?
edit: a-kill i think this person has it

Ok, i will try and find another one

alright, got your delta koffing, even has mild nature

I found another one, but it lowers the attack:
also what geneder is the koffing, just asking?

YES, u are the best!
that is modest nature, the best one! yayaayya,
okay my trainer tag is why u bully
do u want to put it up?

the koffing is female

good, we can do it know, if you want to?
Tag is EndDuck

yeah sure
do u wanna put it up?

yes that is fine

okay, thx so much

wait, is it GTS or is it trade

do not use gts

okay, so trade?

yes, then you put in my trainer tag: EndDuck

wait, it says, user exited the trade?
uhhh, i got my max amount of posts for one day, do u have discord and also it is adamant nature. the opposite oops
uhh, okay here is my discord code, just put that in
it is Yo Mama#3649
no it is only a frokie and it will not have protean

my also say it try again