Protean Froakies! (= 1 IV Stone)

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Pokemon: Froakie Nature: Timid Ability: Protean IVs: 5 IV (Missing Attack IV) Level: 1 Moves: Scald - Ice Beam - Grass Knot - Toxic Spikes


1 IV Stone

Further info:

This offer is up as long as I have Froakies to trade! All trades will be done on Discord!

I’ll grab one. I won’t be home for 9 hours though. Hopefully you have some left by then.

Hey, nice offer! I’m always happy to get froakies. i can trade right now if you are on :slight_smile:

Sleepy’s gonna sue you for copyright infringement

@cow538 Sue who?

Skymara lol

Better be careful Skymara. If sleepy sues you, your looking at a 5-7 IV stone settlement. Then you have to factor in attorney fees for another 1-2 stones.

Yeah, I totally missed the joke. My bad :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s all good though. If that happens, you can hire the Law Offices of Cow-Mayo, LLC. We’ll defend your rights for only 1 stone each.

Im interested in one of the froakies

Skymara, you online now?

how did he learn grass knot?? who did u breed him with??

Male Smeargle with Ice Beam + Grass Knot x Female Piplup

Breed the baby with Female Protean Froakie

@Elemayo @Snuewks @iruns

I got time to trade right now. Ping me on the Discord server.

Can I have some Cow-Mayo on my sandwich? Haha kill me.

@SkyMara Let me know when you’re online.

I will be online for the next 4 hours still.

It seems we may have opposite schedules. I’ll be on about 11 hours from now.

That’s like 3:30 am my time. I will be on 5 hours later earliest.

Maybe we can find a 3rd party willing to be a middle man. @cow538 you willing to trade him 1 IV stone and then I’ll give you two tonight?