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Problems with Control + F


Currently, pressing control F searches for posts in the thread with whatever you are searching for. However, when a post is long and you want to find a specific item, you’re out of luck as there seems to be no way to use control F the regular way. This is especially a problem in those Shop threads.


You can use the forum’s search function instead. Just click the magnifying glass at the top of the page and tick the “search this topic” box.


I must not have communicated it clearly. I know you can use the forum’s search function, in fact, when I press Control + F, it opens the forum’s search function instead of the browser’s. The problem with the forum’s function is that it can not locate a phrase, just find in what post that phrase was said.

For instance, if you check out one of the many “shop” threads and search for a pokemon, like Corphish, the forum will list all posts containing the phrase “Corphish”. When you click on an item, it will take you to that specific post, but it does not actually show where the phrase is in the post. In the shop thread example given, the function may mark the initial offer post, except that post may be hundreds of lines, leaving you up the creek without a paddle, so to speak.


Which browser are you using? Ctrl+F does not open the forum’s search function for me on Chrome. In your situation I would use the forum’s search function and then Ctrl+F once I’ve found the specific post.

EDIT: Actually, after testing on the shop threads, it seems to do it with them, but not with shorter ones… interesting.

EDIT: You can get around this problem by clicking “Find…” in your browser’s menu rather than using the Ctrl+F shortcut.


I’m not sure why it acts like that, but press Ctrl+F twice and the second time opens browser’s find function. I’m on windows 7, chrome if that matters.


Oh, I didn’t think to try that! Thank you!


Your welcome. Though it was more of an accidental find.