Problem trading online

Hi,hope this doesnt have already been asked and answered.
This morning my friend (at his house and me at mine) traded me is Kadabra to make it evolve,I trade back a Nidoran male
The trade worked fine but right after the auto-save my game crashed…didnt have time to take a screenshot or anything.
When restarting to retrade our pokemon, first i got this screen
we tried many times and sometimes ,I saw his list,sometimes not.

Each time we were able to get to the next screen
and then it always said user exit the trade for both of us.
The only time we could get further is when he tried to send me something else(Not Nidoran)
But yet again and each times"User exit the trade"
My friend needed his pokemon to defeat a foe.
Could someone please help me because Im new to Insurgence and didnt knew the HeliosCity thing and im the one who told him that I could evolve his Kadabra…so im feeling a little bad and I wanted to know if anyone did find a solution to this.
Thank You

In the end , the Alakazham is corrupted , we tried other pokemon to trade and it worked fine,
so I dont know if its because Kadabra evolved or other thing…

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