Problem showing the map

Hello everyone.I have a problem.When I am playing the game and I go to the map nothing appears.I cant see anything. just a blue screen. And I really need to see the map because I want to know where I am going :P. Also, the same problem happens at the pikataxi guy , so I cant travel anywhere :confused: .Can anyone tell me how to solve it? Thank you. And sorry for my bad english, I am greek xD.

You aren’t updated to the most recent version. There was a bug in an earlier version. Try dowloading the newest version,

If that doesn’t work, tell me here and I’ll give you the file for the map.

if I download the latest version will I lose my progress?

Are you on windows? If you are then, no it won’t. If on mac, you’ll have to transfer the save files. I’ll explain if you are on mac.

I am on windows

Alright, you’ll be fine then. Just download the newest update and start the application and you’ll be good to go :slight_smile:

I have a problem. I downloaded the ‘‘patch only’’ and the map still doesnt appear(and yes, I closed and opened the game).Should I download the whole game from the start?

Yes. And open the new download, not the old one.

it still doesnt work

should I do the repair installation thing?

Ok, download the file at Then, name it mapRegion0.png Navigate to your Insurgence folder and go to Graphics -> Pictures. Drag mapRegion0.png into that folder, and start the game.

for some reason,when I go to my insurgence folder it only shows me 1)Game.rxdata 2)Save_0_Backup_1.rxdata 3)Save_0_Backup_2.rxdata 4)Save_0_Backup_3.rxdata

Wrong folder :slight_smile: Go to downloads, look for something like Pokemon Insurgence Windows (You went to your save file folder)

I still cant find it.I am not sure, but it might be because I have never actually downloaded the full raw version. I have downloaded just the launcher and I am playing that way. should I download the raw version?

and also , I am using windows 7. I dont know if that helps :slight_smile:

According to Deuk, check your Program Files x86. There should be a folder that’s named pokemon insurgence or something like that.

is it a folder that says game.rxdata and nothing else?

because when I click on the game.rxdata it sends me at this link and it tells me that there isnt a version in my language yet and when I click on the ‘‘view english version’’ nothing happens.I cant find any other folder for pokemon insurgence expect of this and the saves folder.

Game.rxdata is your save file, leave it be lest you accidentally corrupt it or something. Search your computer for “Pokemon insurgence”, one of the results will be the game folder which contains graphics where you have to save the map like Cheese555 said.

For example (I know this is on a mac, but same thing),

Here I’ve got two folders. One contains the save files (Game.rxdata) and the other contains a few folders, like Graphics, Audio, and Eggs. It also contains Game.exe. Go into graphics, then go into pictures and paste the file.