Primal Ho-Oh/Mega Ho-Oh (Plz leave feedback)

Here is primal Ho-Oh!

Primal/Mega Ho-oh V1
Fire/Fairy Type

Primal/Mega Ho-oh V2
Fire/Fairy Type
Leave your honest feedback and suggestions on how I can him it better :smiley:


i like it man, but most primal arts follow the similar theme of looking intimidating and powerful. so maybe if you made its eyes a single glowing colour and then have the glowing lines travel asround its body

idk I feel adding more feathers was the right call. The only primal pokemon we’ve seen are groudon, kyogre, and dialga, which all have designs on them that allow the design to work. The Primal form is to tap into an ancient energy to make it stronger and I thing the rainbow feathers really emphasize that.

I was going to do that but I didn’t know what colors the lines should be

well i think if you darken the red of his feathers you could make the lines an orangy yellow. like golden lines on a crimson body

I’m no artist, so just ignore my suggestion if you don’t like the idea, but as all primals have some form of glow to them if I was you I would make the red part of its body black with glowing red veins that form a sort of tribal pattern, as well as add glow to the rainbow feathers.

Made a V2

the black honestly looks a bit closer to the primal theme of the other legendaries so i like it