Primal Giratina is too much OP before you catchhim

Primal Giratina when you fight him is too much OP
it only took me “15 tries” and only took me about
“5 hours” to catch him
Even my 96 level Mega D. Charizard with Dark Matter couldn’t take Even half of his health down with out a critical hit
None of my team was effective against him not D. Charizard not Mew not even Thundurus
I caught him only because of me 69 level Garchomp without him I wouldn’t have been able to catch him

I wonder if the master ball I somehow won during the races will help with this, hmmm…

yeah its supposed to be a tough fight + your team is weak to it so no wonder you had trouble catching it

My team kind of had so much trouble with forgotten one Nyx that all of my Pokémon were nearly level 100 so I caught him on my first attempt, I also since have bought a few hundred ultra balls just in case my ancient balls don’t work so I’m set to catch any legendary/mythical.