Primal Evolution

So I defeated Giratina by accident will it come back and how would I find Arceus?

i think no. i think thats the only chance you can catch giratina

Thats kinda sad i tried to catch it too and it killed its self …

I caught it with 7 heavy balls,with 1 hp remaining.But it was really a tough job bro.

you will have to proceed further in game and then when you visit the cave again you will find that the timeless are scattered throughout the path which led to the place where you fought giratina. not really sure about the requirements. it has something to do with the azure flute. on the way you will have to fight pokemon and then finally the leader of perfection cult. after that directly you will have a shot at arceus but you wont be able to heal your mons after the boss battle.

Yeah,so don’t forget to save a masterball,if required.

i used it on regigigas…

you should have 2 more.

Azure Flute never heard of such things thank you for the help

i havent gotten them yet

You can get another one in darkrai base in shade forest.Use seed flare and surf south in the room where darkari was summoned.


go to persephone’s base. use seed flare on the floor of sacrifice to the south of the room. you will get one there

Ill need to look into this flute then…

And about arceus and azure flute,its a post game:

After finishing the Original Dragon, Holon, and Dream World quests, go back to Perfection Base (near Black Market). Once you read the note, return to Amphitrite City to the cave where Mew and the Timeless were, and go through the Hoopa portal which you previously used to get to Giratina. Just follow the path the same way you did for Giratina, and on the way, various trainers and legendary pokemon will stop you. Eventually, you will get back to the Throne of the Hegemon, and Reukra will battle you, after which Arceus will be summoned which you can catch.NOTE: Arceus has Perish Song, so be very careful. Also, you cannot heal between battling Reukra and catching Arceus. Also, this quest must be finished before the elite 4 can be rematched I believe. Note:It is recommended to keep your Pokemon level around 100 to 110.

And there’s no item such as azure flute.Its just mentioned in the quest.

im not sure you get to do anything with that flute. its just mentioned during that quest. i say you go back to the dream relm and complete that quest. also some legendaries are only obtainable after tbeating the E4 for the second time

Completely Agreed

My team is lvl 120 lol


👌Nice.Me too.