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Primal Arceus

Like for P-Giratina, i’d like to have another sprite for P-Arceus.
Somthing like this:

Or this:

But with Giratina’s Black and red pattern on the stomach like the Insurgence’s one!
Anyone Who can make a front and back sprite? :pray:t2::slight_smile:

I sent these to Ubah awhile back, but if anyone else would like to use them too, here they are!

Front Sprite

Back Sprite


Have fun!
Servant of the King


@ServantOfTheKing, is it possible you could make some shiny sprites for these primal Arceus? I plan on shiny hunting it when the time comes, and I just love how these sprites look. If it is at all possible I’d be very grateful.

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Thanks @EcoNoH, I’m sure glad you like the sprites! Just to let you know for future reference, this post is about 5 months old and it’s not good forum courtesy to reply to posts that old. Private messages to the original poster (OP) would be a great way to respond to old posts, though!

As for shiny sprites, I could sure give it a shot. Why don’t you shoot me a message with the details of what you’d like to see (Giratina form or regular, ideal shiny colors, etc)? Thanks again!

@ServantOfTheKing Yo this is so cool, i found you by ur sprite from Perfect Kyurem, i would love to use ur sprite on a game me and a friend are making a pokemon fire red rom hack (obviously with your permission) but for the rom hack its only 64x64 pixels, can you do it? I would love!! If you dont want theres no problem thanks for the time!!

@ServantOfTheKing I’m so sorry, I wasn’t aware of the forum courtesy, this is a bit embarassing to ask, but is there some sort of way to direct message you about the sprite?

No worries! To send a private message, just click on my name above this message and click the green “Message” button.

I know, this post is over 1 year old, but can you drop the shiny forms for primal arceus?

The last time serv was on the forums was like 1 1/2 years ago sooooo

Hi, didn’t really want to necro, but I wanted to provide shiny sprites for this.

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