Previous Mystery Gifts

On the Pokemon Insurgence Wiki it says mystery gifts received depend on the systems receive date, Im trying to get the Solosis and Zorua gifts since i missed those is there any way to do it?

No. You can get the respective megastones somewhere in the game though.

Just a minor correction, mystery gifts are server side, they don’t depend on the system receive date(not sure if that was the case with 1.0 versions). Thanks for pointing it out though, will fix it soon.

Went and looked back at it,

The “date received” here refers to the date displayed in the summary screen of the pokemon, not the date when you can obtain them from the mystery gift menu.

Ok, that makes sense. I’ve played a few games before where you could change the date if you had missed a gift or item. Thought that was what it meant. Thanks for clarifying that.