Preparing for roaming pokemon

1.Does roaming pokemon escapes immidiately unless they are trapped by trapping move(like mean look)? If they do can they escape while asleep?

2.Is there any delta pokemon with trapping abilities like Shadow tag or Arena trap?

3.Is Trick move tutor in Pokemon in Insurgence? If it is where I can find him and can Gengar learn this move?

4.Where can i find/buy light orb?

5.Can fling light orb paralyze ground and/or electric type Pokemon?

6.Does game have equivalent of Poke Flute item?

  1. They will not run away unless you use roar, whirlwind, etc…

  2. I am not sure. Pretty sure no.

  3. Yes, one in Hekate Town.

  4. Helios black market

  5. I’m pretty sure no.

  6. Yes.

To add on, a person in Hekate Town can teach your mon Trick.

Kek, I thought they said trick room.

By the way, Fling Light Ball cannot paralyze Electric types. It can paralyze Ground types because Ground types are only immune to Thunder Wave, but Electric types are completely immune to paralysis.