PP restoring items?

Any place I can get a reliable amount of ether, leppa berries, etc?

You can get berries when you get into battle frontier.


get a compoundeyes-frisk mon combination (I use butterfree - gourgeist with thief) and steal them from wild pokemon. many standard pokemon have a possibility of leppa berries, most notably Clefable who has 60k comet shards as well DO NOT TRY IN FRIEND SAFARIS no items there

What would be an example of a good mon to steal leppas from? Clefable is only available in a friendzone, atleast thats what it says on the wiki. I’m only at selene city right now aswell.

right. i forgot thats later. Anything else will be a big pain; as clefairy has a 50% chance, and the others only 5 nevertheless, Mr. Mime Skitty and Delkatty might have it Later in the game you can find clefables