Potions ( need it, i'm in elite four

Trading Name: 500kman

Offer: will pay you back twice the restores and max potions after I beat the elite four

Request: 15 full restores and 20 max potions

Further info: I have beaten 2 members of the elite four but I have run out of max potions and full restores

I can do it. The only real problem I have is that I don’t have 35 random pokemon to hold the potions. Well, 35 pokemon I don’t want.

I definitely have all of the potions though.

? cant you just put the restores and max potions on random pokemon?

I don’t have many random pokemon…

i mean you could go to telnor town and catch some pokemon there

True. give me a long time while I catch like 20 other pokemon.

And then I have to give them items…

or you could catch 6 and reuse them for trades?

since am not keeping hem?

…Yeah why didn’t I think of that?

Can you trade right now?

yep my trading name is 500kman

K. mine is Azerty6464. And my game crashed.

Now I’m ready.


yep ready

It says you’re not online.

try again

It keeps on saying you excited the trade