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Postgame Bug *SPOILERS (Obviously)*

Okay, so as there is postgame content in this post, I will warn everyone who hasn’t reached the postgame yet to not look inside this post. Just so you can experience all of the really awesome postgame content in this game for yourself. Your warning’s there, now I’ll move onto what I’ve found.

So, basically, out of the core postgame quests you can do, I’ve just moved onto the Damian quest re-entering the Dream Realm. A bug I discovered completely by accident is after catching Darkrai, as my team was so low and I had no healing items, I was thrown into the fight with Damian and lost. After that, I spawned in one of the Holon Settlements with a Chansey. Healed and left. Before I did this, I quickly ran into another center back in Torren and it did the normal blacked out cutscene, which was weird. After this, while previously none of my Pokemon were following me, now they started following me again despite being fully healed…so I naturally planned to go back and fight Damian. But the cutscene for the fight initiated straight away, clipping me into the wall above the entrance in Erebus City. I fought him and after the cutscene ended, I was stuck in the top of the ceiling and as I couldn’t fly, I was softlocked. Did this again to test and exactly the same thing has happened to me every time I’ve entered the battle with Damian.

If you can’t be bothered to read all that, here’s it summed up in a few points:
-Blacking out when healing at a Chansey in the Holon Settlements bugs your Pokemon from following you until you enter a Pokemon Center, which plays the normal black out cutscene.
-Re-entering the fight against Damian from the entrance in Route 5 gets you stuck on the cliff above the entrance as the cutscene activates automatically, softlocking the game.

I’ve decided prior to the fight that I’m going to backtrack to the Chansey, but this means I have to go all the way back to Darkrai from Prion Town, which is incredibly tedious. If I manage to beat Damian, I’m hoping it should play out as normal but I wanted to make this known so it can hopefully be fixed.

Indeed, this bug has been known and noted. It should be fixed in the next patch.

Any idea when the next patch will be finished?

Nope, for all I know it could be in 5 years.

It also happend to me while i was in the infernal cult base, when i loses a battle i got teleported back to the cell but inside a wall and cannot move, i can’t use fly because i am inside a building (at least i think i can’t use fly) and i have to change my save file.