Post game

Well I don’t want to finish the pokedex it’s boring and the only reason I was doing it was because I wanted the Shiny Charm and I finished the Kanto and Johto pokedex and I have done some of hoenn and its kind of boring is there anything else to do I did all the quests and did elite four rematch should I just continue the pokedex to get the shiny charm or should i do something else?

There’s supposed to be a lot of stuff post-game. There’s the Dev Island, the whole “Damian” side story, then of course Holon, and a bunch of others I’m probably forgetting. I didn’t bother completing the Dex either; you don’t have to.

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There’s a wiki post for that here

I’ve done everything there i’ll just finish the dex but Hoenn is taking a long time.

Ask someone to trade with you. I know that there are several people on this Forum that are more than willing to help.

Actually I’m looking for Latios because I killed it :c

Doesn’t mean no one would be willing to trade you one. A few months back someone was actually begging to trade away their Shiny Latios if I recall correctly.


well I wasn’t begging but yeah I wanted to trade it away lol


My point still stands. And the fact that you crossed out your reply doesn’t help your argument. By the way, if you still have it, there’s someone looking for a Latios for their Dex. Maybe you could trade it to them?

gia was willing to give his shiny latios for 5 regular shinies that had a decent nature.thats an incredible deal so i took it.
ended up trading it away for a adamant shiny delta haxorus, a shiny adamant dratini and a random nature tentacruel lmao