Post Game To-Do *SPOILERS*

Is there any way to interact with Pokerus infected Malde after he is beaten in the dream realm?

I haven’t completely finished the story, but I don’t think you will.

Aw dang. Is there anything else to do?

Go to the perfection base.

ive done the side quest for Damien and the one for Taen. Ive also explored the second region.

I didn’t stutter. You got more to do with Reukra.

i dont see Reukra in the base. is there anything special i need to do first?

There was supposed to be a note there. I think you gotta go to metchi town and swim up first and interact with the building and return. Not positive though.

Yea. went to the perfecton lab and interacted with everything i could. it didnt change anything in the base.

Huh. Then I don’t know. Did you already get groudon and heatran or volcaneon?

I have no clue where they even are

Go to Deyraan town and talk to a person in green in front of the entrance to mount rose. You might need to battle professor Sylvan first. Dunno though.

thanks. ill try it out. sorry for bothering you about everything.