Post Game help so that I get everything?

I want to get everything in both story and pokemon so could someone give a list of order to do so i dont lose anything?

Check the wiki, literally spells out everything post game including requirements and such

Ok, but does it llist the order? Like it says that you will need to do one quest before the next but doesnt order it.

Do you want me to give a general list of the order you should do the post game stuff in? I am assuming both story and pokemon means completionist.

Yes, I want to get every pokemon, as the wiki says some things cant be done before or after certain other quests. So I am basically trying to live out my completionist dreams :laughing:

Did you actually read the post game guide on the wiki? Are level recommendations not good enough to give you an idea of when you would want to do them?

I am actually using it right now, I am on the holon part lol :sweat_smile:

I was just stupid thanks lol

Oh good! Just making sure you found it, as I forgot it wasn’t pinned on the sidebar on the main page and that you have to actually search for the post game guide.

Yeah, it is really useful.