Post-Game & E4 Easy Mode Rematch Team?

The only two team members I absolutely want to use are my Crystal Ruingross & my Delta Armored Volcarona.

Other than that, here are the pokemon I have:

box 1
box 2
box 3

Oh, and here are the pokemon currently on my party:


I mainly want to use deltas but I’ll use any pokemon that had a gimmick introduced in this game. Pls help

Delta Snorlax is always a great choice for E4 plus the champion(s), and enjoy using delta chandelure (although may not be as useful against champions). If you want to dip into your legends box, primal giratina would make things quite easy.

Also, out of curiosity what nature is your zekrom?

Modest natured.

not too bad of a roll, although definitely not the most preferred (still better than what I ended up with lol). How long did it end up taking you to get it?

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idk i just got the zekrom I’m a casual player