Post Game Damian Egg issue


I’m not receiving the egg that Damian is supposed to give in the post game. I read on the wiki that this may happen if party is full but mine wasn’t. I restarted the game a few times and still didn’t get the egg


Did you pick Eevee as your starter?

He won’t give it to you no matter what starter you choose currently. It’s a known bug.

off topic but since you’re here, where is this supposed normal plate u told me about

normal plate is not a thing

Oh wait, you’re right.

You’re probably screwed unless you get a new arceus from somebody else.

so this counts as a bug right? in base games taking a plate away makes it normal

I mean, your type being stuck is the bug. I’m pretty sure it’s already known/tracked and stuff.

hopefully fixed with the rest of the bugs in later patches. Ik devs are busy with Epsilon