Post-Game Call to Amphirite City (SPOILERS)

So I just finished the Rose Crater Post Game Quest, and was heading down to the Waterfall on Route 5 to begin my next quest, when I got a call from Nora. Apparently she was headed back to Gaea City but stopped in Amphirite City because there was a fight between the Augur and a “Giratina Cultist”. However, there is no fight going down in Amphirite City. Where am I supposed to go?

If you go down to the Water they should be there

On the water’s surface? There’s no one there. But last time I checked, I am the augur, so who am I supposed to see fighting a Giratina Cultist?

Have you finished the timeless?

I’m way past the Nyx fight. I’ve already done the Holon quest. That’s what I mean - I know there was a fight between Jaern and a Timeless during the main story, but I finished that a week ago. Why am I getting a call about it now?

Hmm, that’s weird. Prob just a bug

I suspected so. I just want to make sure I’m not missing a side quest. So there’s nothing more about Giratina cultists and Amphirite city in the Post Game sequence?

Not to my knowledge

Alright cool. Where do I report it? Also, while I’m at it is there a list of ways to trigger post game quests anywhere? I don’t want to look up the quests themselves so I don’t spoil it, but I don’t know how to start them, and I don’t want to miss any

I think I know why you got that call. When you got out of Samsara cave in Dreamland, did you have a pokemon that could use fly and fly away or did you try going down the waterfall?

Which one is Samsara cave?

The cave on Route 5.

I hadn’t gone into the cave yet. I got the call as I went to surf on the river with the waterfall. But to answer your question, no I didn’t have a pokemon with fly - I use the Emolga Taxi

Well, what they expect you to do when you exit that cave is surf and go down the waterfall. And they expect you to go to the closest town so you can go to the Pikataxi. And the area you passed through is probably where you’re originally supposed to pass through so you get the call as the hint where you are supposed to go after getting your 8th gym badge and exit the dream realm.

Ohhhhh, sorry yes I see - I forgot that thats the cave you come out at when you exit the Dream World for the first time. In that case, yes I probably did just fly to a city, because my Mew had Fly at the time. I remember talking to the Narra border guards who told me to go to Amphirite for the battle, but I wont remember getting a call from Nora, so that explains it. Great pick up

Yeah, I saw your question and realized the same thing happened a few hours ago to me when I went back myself. I remembered flying away on Delta Vespiquen and realized what I did.

Which is lucky for me, because to be honest I probably would have a gradual mental breakdown if I hadn’t gotten that explanation, constantly wondering if I’d missed some hidden side quest

Yeah, no worries. All it was was a late triggered phone call. No serious bug or missed sidequest.

The best news I’ve had all day. Thanks again

You’re welcome. :+1: