I know you’re not taking any new feature suggestion, but this topic is more about polishing the game, and maybe adding new assets to improve the experience.

I’m in the climax of the game, and so far this was a good experience. But there was only one problem that somewhat bothered me troughout the game: a lack of polish.

Of course, there are the bugs, but those are inevitably being fixed, what bothered me were those things:

Poor music variation between cities and routes. Some are unique, but the rest uses 2-4 of the exact same tracks. It would be cool if each city/town had it’s own unique music, or even a bigger selection of tracks (2 or 3 more) would be good. I think that big city where the second Augur lives definitely deserves it’s own track.

Speaking of music, the default wild battle theme is bad imo. For starters, it’s the Black and White trainer music, which is already inappropriate since it’s a trainer music, and second, there’s that very weird wind sound effect while the music plays. It sucks to be honest. But it’s thankfully not a big deal, because you can freely swap it with other tracks in the game’s files. An battle theme unique to this game would be cool though.

The fact that the cultists don’t have their own theme is kind of a shame too, and that can’t be changed in the files. I don’t think each cult needs their own music either, there just has to be an theme that makes them sound like a menace (like their bosses have, except a bit less menacing).

The screen fading effects only cover a portion of the screen on any mode larger than “Small”, i wouldn’t complain about this, if it wasn’t for the fact that other games made with this engine have their proportions work on all sizes. Seeing how many features you added to this game, i don’t think it would be that big of a problem to fix this particular issue (i could be wrong though).

I… guess that’s really it. Some extra variation on the tilesets would be nice too, and the second Augur statue looks ugly in earlier cities/towns, while it looks better in other cities/towns, but aside from that, those were the issues that bothered me while i was playing. But not enough to ruin my experience.

I’m sorry if any of this sounded harsh, i just think that this game, with more polish, could go from good to great. I don’t mean to be harsh on the developers, and i know that making fan games is just a hobby and can’t be anything more than that, but this game could be benefited greatly with a little more time going into it.

It’s still a good experience. I like the Deltas, i like the new Megas, i like how grinding is easy now, i like the story, it’s a good game. I’m hoping to see your work into a future project, but if there isn’t one, i guess the things i asked above could be more than enough.

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A lot of things about Insurgence need Polish, believe me. A lot of us know it, and we’re told about it nearly every day. We’re gonna try our best to polish what we can for another release but some things just aren’t as likely as others. Tilesets for example probably wont change much since it is a lot tricker to change entire tilesets for maps than just plugging in sprites and letting the game figure it out. Music is another one that, while we can try to find more appropriate music, most of the songs won’t get custom done because Matt is trying to move forward with his own music, and is incredibly busy with school, so we’ll most likely just readjust tracks that already exist from pokemon at this time.

Proportions and things like that not working might be because of outdated software. The game is currently working on Essentials 14-15 (can’t remember which, while the current essentials files are at Essentials 17 and over. While updating would help a lot of the polish, it would also mean many, many months of basically remaking the game nearly from scratch, since most of the game is built in such a way that frankly, it’s held together by pins and needles in some places.

Believe me when I say that polishing the game is on many of our minds for a future release, but because of time restraints and the general feeling of wanting to move to bigger things in life, I can’t promise everything will 100% be cleaned up. Hope you can understand that and still support every developer in their future endeavors.

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Alright, i wasn’t aware people were already asking about polishing the game and whatnot, so i’m sorry if this post came out as redundant. Extra variety of tilesets wasn’t really a problem tbh, i just said that because it would be nice, but i completely understand why it’s not a thing you’re considering. Besides, the official games don’t do much of that, and it never bothered me.

I’m okay if all that is changed is extra music variation (even if it’s not custom made), some bug/graphic fixes, and small stuff like that. And even if those things never happen, this is still a good game, with a lots of content, and i’m happy that i played it.

Thanks for the reply, and have a nice day!

Tyranitartube edited additional music into the game giving malde his own theme. I’m disappointed that it wasn’t in the game, would’ve elevated the scenes a ton.

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