Pokerus mon

Trading Name: DoritoDoctor


Request: Pokerus mon

Further info: I could really use a pokerus mon to EV train my pokemon.

I have a snorlax with pokerus rn if you want it

Sleepy is doing a giveaway so you can ask for one too.

Ok lemme get on.

I already got a mon from his giveaway.

I’m ready when you are.

go in 10

I see

Would you like it back after I infect one of my pokemon?

nah your good

You know the Snorlax has 5 IVs and it’s EV trained right?

Its not fully ev trained is it

It is

Guess thats the one I was gonna trade to someone lol.Yeah actually could I get it back when your done

Okay lol

This one right?

Yeah lol I was suppose to trade it but something came up and I had to keep it

Do I just walk around with it in my party?

Do battles with it in the party

Ok. Thanks.