Pokerus Gift anyone? <CLOSED>

Trading Name: leolannister

Offer: none atm

Request: need pokerus :frowning:

Further info: would appreciate the help. love the game

You can ask sleepy in her holiday giveaway thread she gives it away for free

Link Christmas+New year Giveaway (Requests closed)

thanks cow. but do u happen to have one now?

Nah not ATM but tomorrow yes

still thanks for replying. hope anyone has a pokerus ready now for trade.

If you join the discord server many people give it out like candy there

im fairly new. may i ask how to get to the discord server? big help thanks

Click discord at the top of the screen

thanks man just got in. other than pokerus and candies what other freebies could i get?

Maybe a good IV level 1 pokemon with some egg moves

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