Pokepon Won't Reset

These are the conditions to reset the Pokepon game given by the Wiki:

“Poképon has a cool-down to make players unable to farm shiny Pokémon or items too easily. To be able to play Poképon again the player must wait 20 minutes and run a random amount of steps, with a maximum of 1500 steps.”

It’s been almost 3 days since my last round and in that time I’ve:

  • Progressed from Keplar City to Amphitrite City
  • Hatched at least 5 Larvatar eggs (I like to nature hunt) and while I use the feature to speed up hatch time, I always chopped a few hundred steps off on my bike to avoid paying the guy 10k +.
  • Grinded the chosen Larvitar all the way up to a level 65 Tyranitar.
  • Made my way through the Crystal Caves and captured Mew.
  • Still been grinding, I’m at level 70 and am working my way to level 75 for the Ampihirite gym.

Conclusion I’ve accumulated far more than 1500 steps.

However, the woman still persists in telling me that “it’s been too short a time since your last round”.

Can this be fixed?

UPDATE Feb '20
I’m now preparing for the Elite 4 (after having put the game aside for a while) and this problem still persists.

UPDATE Feb '20
Found the newest game update and that solved this issue.