Pokepon Softlock 1.2.7 (Fixed?)

Heelo, having the same issue many have in the past. I’m locked in the pokepon cutscene, as are all of my backups. I was not aware until now that clock shenanigans could result in this, unfortunately.

I’m on mobile via Joiplay, but have access to everything on Windows as well. Solutions I’ve seen are outdated/have dead links, so I figured I’d ask for some help.

Any help would be appreciated as I really don’t want to have to restart :c

I am currently downloading the 1.2.6 patch to see if downgrading works, as that was an old solution, so I’ll update on that when able. Save is backed up on discord, don’t worry.

UPDATE: Throwing in the 1.2.6 game.rgssad fixed it!