Pokepon screwed up my Nature - can't reload save

Suspecting that the answer to this is that I’m a bit stuffed, unless I manage to reroll the right nature later, but here goes.

I’d never tried Pokepon before or knew what it could do, but I saved before trying it and sent my Qwilfish (who was at the front of my party, and happened to be Adamant) into the Pokepon machine. When it came out, the message popped up that the very nature of its existence had changed. I checked its nature, and lo and behold, it was now Timid.


However, when I tried to reload my save, it loaded up the automatic save it does when you start Pokepon (which I hadn’t anticipated). It seems that however much I reload, from the point the game autosaves before your pokemon goes in, the outcome is already decided. My Qwilfish still came out Timid every time, and I have no earlier save “backup” to revert to.

Is there anything I can do to undo this? :confounded: It’s a pretty rough way to lose a favorite team member

To clarify, I shaven’t saved after the pokepon yet - I have the autosave from just before the pokemon walks in, which I’ve intentionally avoided overwriting in case there is something I can do.

You can put it in the pokepon again until you get the nature you want :+1:

Just to confirm: there’s no other way? I can only do pokepon once per 20 minutes max, and it’s a 1/300 chance to get the original nature back.

That’s right, unless you try get another quilfish with an adamant nature using a synchronizer.

Pretty lame, just happened to my Jolly Delta Fraxure… Now it’s Quiet. Spent 3 IV stones on it. Really no way to fix this? Kind of shitty imo

Unfortunately there’s no way to fix it. You could load a backup save - maybe one of your backups is before Pokepon? Or, you can keep putting it into Pokepon until you get back a nature you want, though it’ll take a while. The alternative is finding someone who can trade you a Jolly Delta Fraxure for something.

That’s why the lady asks you if you’re sure before you go into Pokepon. Your first Pokemon should always be one where you wouldn’t care if its nature got changed.

Well, it’s alright. Learn by experience lol. I was hella mad at the time, hoping to use that thing before getting to Gaea town and the Delta Ditto, but whatever. I’ll just rebreed once I get the D Ditto.

Thanks for the reply!