Pokepon issue

So a little while ago, I encountered the glitch with the Pokepon wherein the pokepon attendant doesn’t move out of the way when you try to use it, locking you into that scene. Fortunately, I was able to reload one of the backup save files.

Since then, however, whenever I try to use the Pokepon I always get the message that it’s been too short a time. I’ve definitely walked 2000 steps and waited 20 mins and still nothing. After looking over previous topics about similar issues, I downloaded the 1.2.5 version and again walked 2000 steps and waited 20 minutes as that was a solution mentioned on the most recent question about this but still it’s saying it’s been too short a time. Any other ideas as to how to fix this?

i believe that u were alttabbed when waiting the required 20 mins
when you are tabbed out the game just stops idk if it mattered here but u might as well try it

Tried opening it up, running the 2000 steps and then leaving it open for 20 mins, with the window open on the screen. Still nothing.