Poképon issue (again) (solved)

I did something bad again, though this time, it wasn’t intentional. Short version: I broke the Poképon by switching up save files, and now it won’t let me use it. At least I’m not softlocked this time.

I was EV-training my newly hatched 6IV D-Ralts/Gallade while using the Poképon. I had my Slugma in my party which was supposed to be the one to enter the Poképon, so I wouldn’t risk changing my D-Gallade’s ideal nature.

Meanwhile, when I was doing this, I had been doing daily tasks like reading homework (because this is a near brainless activity) and accidentally went into the machine with my D-Gallade, and received the nature change “reward”. I got Impish, which isn’t that bad when you think about it. But I really wanted it to stay Jolly, so I renamed one of my new manually installed backups (so it wouldn’t get overwritten) which was right after I hatched my 6IV D-Ralts. I went on like nothing bad happened until I interacted with the Poképon again.

Now, no matter how long I wait or the steps I take, the Poképon receptionist always says: “It’s been too short a time since your last round. Please wait a bit and return!”.
This is not game-breaking, as I’m not softlocked, but I’ve gotten a lot of IV stones from the Poképon, and I wouldn’t want to be missing out on it.
I’ve tried my other backups, but it seems that they all end up with the same result.

This is probably an intentional design to keep players from exploiting the Poképon, but I didn’t do this intentionally. No malicious intent. I’m asking if a developer, the guy who helped me with my softlock (thank you again), or anyone who might know how to fix this.

i suggest messing around with the computer clock with your game open if it’s broken it cant break even more

I already got softlocked once, I don’t want that again…

just create a copy and mess around with this copy open and move the other one to a different folder

Already have one, also, my previous files (when I was softlocked) somehow also became softlocked, without me overwriting them.

alright so i have completely no idea how to help you they are only teaching me how to press buttons at school

True lol