Pokepon chance for nature change for a legandary

Is it harder for legendary pokemon to get a nature change? Because my mew that i caught has jolly nature (-Sp. Atk. +speed) and i have been going to the pokepon like 15 times and i still didin’t get a nature change. Also i forgot to check nature after i caught it.

It’s not, but a nature chance only has a chance of 1/12 of happening. With 15 tries, the chance of a nature chance not occurring would be (11/12)^15, or about 27%.

You could always try to run phys mew, it has the TM pool for it.
the only nature change bing up to random chance is pretty dumb anyways, they really shouldn’t have had made changing nature hooked up to worse RNG. How many times have you caught a mon you wanted to use, but the awful nature made it useless?

thx Deukhoofd, but benis sure i could run a phisical mew but it has a lot of really strong sp. atk. aswell moves like surf, fire blast or psychic so the fact that it would’t do a lot whit sp. atc. moves is not very good.