Pokemon Uranium?

Hey! So I’ve finished the Insurgence Beta, and I’m looking for another fan game to play to keep my time occupied haha so I was wondering has anybody played Uranium, and is it worth playing? :smile:

Yeah, it is imo. Plus, the full game is being released soon :smiley:

The full game will be here in about 2 weeks, just wait a bit longer as they will add some new Pokemon to also the starter areas.

ah thank you :smiley: just looked on the website and its released on my birthday! may give it a go before the full release :slight_smile:

Just a little tip: don’t try to get seikameter for your team.

yes, I VERY MUCH recommend Pokemon Uranium, it is a very enjoyable and fun time and is one that any fangame player should experience

thanks :smiley: slowly playing it, hasn’t captured my attention the way insurgence has but it has its charm