Pokemon Sun & Moon

What are you’re thoughts? I think it could be the announcement in the pokemon direct. I’m pretty hyped, I might be over reacting though XD

Idk, I heard the names at first and was extremely put off. I just can’t see a plot that revolves around the sun/moon that would make something that involved the moon anywhere near as threatening as the same plot that involved the sun.

Then again I was also one of the people that was greatly anticipating a Pokemon Z equivalent/Gen VI continuation so that disappointment is to be expected. I’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it before giving it a thumbs up/down I guess.

I have faith that the Pokemon Company, Game Freak and Nintendo are generally pretty savvy as to what does and doesn’t work in the Pokemon franchise. I think that whatever these trademarks represent, it’ll be a pretty decent product (even if I don’t care for it myself, like some of the weird Pokemon spinoffs).

I reserve the right to change my opinion tomorrow, of course. :slight_smile:

I’m hyped, but I don’t think it’s real. Maybe a side game or something. Going off topic, there was a girl on Twitter that said in 2013 she wanted the next Pokemon games to be named Sun and Moon.

I think that it will be a good game . Hope they answer zygarde.

Meh, I’m not excited. Now if it was a re-make, not a bullshit re-master of the original pokemon games Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow that would be amazing. And yes they have a pokemon Green. It was never shipped out of japan.

Solar Light/Lunar Dark confirmed? Solar Light/Lunar Dark confirmed.

Really though, there’s basically no way the games won’t include new legendaries. Which hopefully means more mons to go with whooo

…Not that I have a console to play with, eh.

My initial reaction. Solar light and lunar dark confirmed.

well, it has been announced now, I am kinda happy and the sketches in the video (especially that one with all the water pokemon and the horsea out the front) looked really nice. I am excited :slightly_smiling:

But what has me down a little bit is that the virtual console games pokemon can be transferred. Like if they keep all the funny and cool glitches then what will happen with missing.no when you try to transfere him. And all the mew glitches people can abuse. So they are probably going to just fix the bugs which makes me a tiny bit sad

Well, what used to happen in Gold and Silver was Missingno. turned into another Pokemon when it was traded over. But the Mew glitch and having random Pokemon learn Sky Attack that normally wouldn’t be able to learn it among other things leads me to believe that they indeed will resolve those issues to at least some degree.

Most of the time you overhype something, it’s for nothing. If you don’t hype enough, you’ll be surprised. Hopefully, the masses stop hyping so that they can expect something decent instead of being disappointed.

Poor Zygarde’s feeling a wee bit left out :[

Also, is Sun/Moon ushering in Generation VII or is it still VI? Anyone know?

It hasn’t been officially stated, but given that the Virtual Console releases of RBY can be transferred ONLY to Sun & Moon, but not to XY or ORAS, indicates to me that it’s a new Generation rather than an extension of Gen VI. But of course, we’ll just have to wait for real confirmation.

there is a fan-made game called solar light and lunar dark