Pokemon Rising Rainbow

So who else is playing this amazing game?

Edit: Removed the link, it’s used for scamming nowadays.


Holy Crap! You opened a new door for me today. ty…

Wait… Windows ONLY fakkkk

Also… looking at the Files… NICEEEEEEE!!!

Best gam 2069. 4.20/3.60 Neds pepe

I am cautiously hoping this is a legit game and not an April Fool’s prank (though I’m a little concerned about the whole pokemon bank thing), because it does look really good…

The Apfolia region. Could this be from combining the words April Fools? xD

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I’m currently downloading this, but it looks amazing. Too amazing. I hope it isn’t an April Fool’s joke.

With amazing content like this, why even finish Insurgence?

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Because the fans will go mad?

Twas the joke mate.

I did realise that. I don’t think the fans will go mad just because they won’t be updating for… You know what? The fans might go mad, but it really depends on how good Rising Rainbow is.

10/10, would recommend :stuck_out_tongue:

I also really like the music on that page!

this is the best birthday present ever

…i saw the bank compatibility and that was the first giveaway on the site that it was most likely fake (the first actual giveaway being its april fools day) and then i saw the all regions thing i was like “THIS IS OBVIOUSLY FAKE”

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…did it really have to go THIS far guys…SERIOUSLY?..and people say jan and ame are the super ever ones lol

I can’t download it, it says that microsoft windows is not accessible on OS X

So I can’t play it on a mac?

Please help

how come when i play it put pokemon meat???


Is this an April fools joke, cause if it is I’m gonna be really mad

Did you really have to go this far :frowning:

i got really excited for this, but it was a pretty good joke (if it was) :slight_smile:

yeah, I’m really disappointed though, it looked really good, but then i saw the pics of all of the regions and it gave it away

Yeah, it’s an april fools. I deleted the game as soon as I saw the selection screen: “ Are you the top Spiderman or the bottom Spiderman?”

I lost it at “John Cena”