Pokemon Peace and War pokedex entries

I’m currently working on the pokedex entries for the pokemon names I got from my last topic. I’m hoping that a few people here will have some ideas. The first ones to cross off my list are-

#1 Growly: grass type starter, based on a foal, loud and energetic
#2 Horshrub: grass type starter, based on a horse/shrub, disguises itself sometimes
#3 Evershush: grass/fairy starter, based on a pegasus with a theme of silence added in

How do you do a theme of silence? Horshrub could have interesting interactions with Sudowoodo. Growly doesn’t seem right for a horse.

For the silence theme, I’m thinking something about it only speaking in battle, kind of like Black Bolt. For growly, that’s my favorite name idea from my last topic.

Then maybe make a more sound related name? A silence pokemon seems like it would actually use the silence, rather than break it.