Pokemon Natures for my team

Can someone tell me whether or not I should change the natures of my current team? I’m not trying to defeat the Elite 4 or anything. I just don’t know anything about natures in general. Thank you.
Delta Gallade/Guardian: Bashful nature
Delta Volcarona/Haniel: Lonely nature
Delta Haxorus/Kisame: Serious nature
Delta Chandelure/Hikari: Impish nature
Delta Charizard/Shi: Mild nature
Giratina/Gira: Lax nature

Here’s a link of all the natures and what they do.
Nature table - Bulba Pokémon Sun & Moon Handbook
Delta Gallade: Bashful is fine, doesn’t hurt it at least, but Jolly or Adamant would be better.
Delta Volcarona: Lonely isn’t great, since it reduces Defense, a useful stat, to boost attack, a stat Volc doesn’t use. I would change this, but it can work ig.
Delta Haxorus: Serious is fine, though Adamant and Jolly are its best natures.
Delta Chandelure: Definitely change this. Impish lowers SpA, its main attacking stat. Timid or Modest is ideal.
Delta Charizard: It wants Timid, but as long as it isn’t -Spe or -SpA, you’re good. Also, overlaps a ton with Giratina, maybe don’t run it?
Giratina: Can really run anything, it depends on your set.

Thank you

Brcause of how rare and random the nature change is, in my nuzlocke I’ve only been trying for changes on natures that are actively bad. For your team, that means Volcarona and Chandelure. Neutral natures generally work as long as you know you probably won’t be faster than opponent’s similarly-fast mons in major battles.

If you have the time, Giratina’s nature may as well change too. Losing out on a defense is unfortunate for a Pokemon who’d be happy losing one attacking stat or even speed instead!

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Can’t the PokePon change natures too?