Pokemon insurgence

i’m gonna be very honest, to me this game is better than any of the Pokemon games i have ever played ( other than emerald and omega ruby ) and it has the best gameplay i have ever seen (even tho i just started not to long ago) what do you think?


I personally really like this game as well. One of the first poke games I have ever played (started playing pokemon around 2016).


My favorite fangame, absolutely. The only official pokémon game that got me so much is Mystery Dungeon (both Red Rescue and Explorers of Darkness).

If I have to find a negative side of Insurgence, it didn’t age THAT well for the graphics if you compare it with some of more or less recent fangames out there (I’m not saying it isn’t good, but just look at Phoenix Rising: it’s majestic to say the least). For content tho? Still top notch. Amazing game and I don’t care about graphics so the only negative side isn’t important for me lol


Only downsides? Attack animations and the battle simulator. Otherwise, perfect

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