Pokemon Insurgence, Wineskin & Apple Silicon


I used to play Pokemon Insurgence on my early 2015 Macbook Pro using Wineskin without many problems (configuring it was tricky but it always worked fine). Now I changed my Mac with a new M1 one, I updated Wineskin that should supposedly work on M1. But when Pokemon Insurgence runs, it basically crashes immediately.

This is what the run log shows, can someone help me?
Probably I just need to wait that new engines for WineSkin are updated, but in the meantime I think that asking could be worth it!

Thank you!

is it updated to lastest version(the mac) if it is, then it wont work but dev’s are fixing this problem now tho
I think thats the problem I am not computer god

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Yes, the mac runs on Big Sur 11.1! Anyways thank you, I too think that is just a matter of waiting!