Pokemon Insurgence Viability Tier List

I made a tier list on Tiermaker that includes all fully evolved Pokémon in Pokémon Insurgence.

It’s main purpose is to act a a quick reference to see which Pokémon are good to use in a Player vs Environment (PvE) setting. It can also be useful for planning around a Nuzlocke (only adding Pokemon that will appear before the Elite Four) or starting from the beginning, but making heavy use of trade to get anything you want. I added a few not fully evolve Pokémon that can make use of Eviolite or another item, making them viable choices as well.


I included an Banned category for players who may not want to trivialize the difficulty of the game by using overpowered Pokémon or Megas. I also gave the Megas their own categories, since you can only have one, so for them it is more of a question of “is this Mega worth using over another” than if the Mega is good on its own.

A rough example of what you can do with it.

And here is a fantastic tier list made by Haru. This tier list is meant for no items in battle, Set mode, Hard difficulty, Nuzlocke. Hidden Abilities are also not a factor since they require Friend Safaris, trading, or are post-game.

Post and discuss your lists!

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