Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 6!

So I haven’t posted a part in a while and a bunch of stuff happened so I’ll keep it short. I’ll post the PC and the dead mons in the next part as in the next part I will take on Jearn and East, and I don’t really want to have to go through going back to the Pokémon Center through the Sewers as that takes a while, so you’ll see what I caught in the next part!

So I got through the whole Rezzai Cave/Desert, and went through Route 6 and 7 (Which I believe I found a Linoone and Ariados there, but I didn’t catch either of them because they’re pretty bad), and then when I tried to run away from a wild Anorith, I couldn’t run away, and it used Bug Bite and killed Albatrum the Deino, who was 5 levels away from evolving! So now I was a bit salty so I just marched on to Helios City, where I got the Wynaut Egg, Bonsly, and I got a Sigilyph in the Sewers. Now I decided to do a system that I like to do: a token system. Basically, I had some duplicate fossil Pokémon from the ones that I revived, so I decided to use one as a token to get the first Pokémon I found in an area I already went to. So I went back to Samsara Cave, and hoped to find a good encounter. And I got a SUICUNE as my first token encounter there, which I surprisingly caught in the first Ultra Ball I threw at it. I decided not to use it as I already replaced Deino with an Aerodactyl I revived and I already trained it up too, so yeah. I went to the Black Market, where I bought some stuff, and then I fought Taen, who wasn’t really that hard besides for a Mega Gyarados, but then something really bad happened. So I was using Delta Snorlax versus his Kingler, and his Kingler Guillotined Delta Snorlax and hit it, KOing Delta Lax. I won the battle with no further deaths, but now I have to go in to the Jade Tower with 5 Pokémon unless I wanna go back to the Pokémon Center through the Sewers, which is sort of tedious! But I believe me and my team can get through this!

Current Team: