Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 4!

So today, I decided to fight the Vipik City Gym leader, Xavier, after a bit of grinding. He had some really good Pokémon, like Nidoking and Lumineon (And his Mega was randomized to Mega Absol, which wasn’t too threatening since I have a Florges, thankfully), but thankfully I lost no Pokémon in the battle, and successfully got the Stinger Badge and Venoshock! Now here comes the sad part of this part! So I went to the Vipik Dump to save Damian, and I got a Bergmite as my first encounter, which isn’t horrible but not great. Then I decided to see what I could’ve found instead of Bergmite, and then I found… Mewtwo. I decided to try to beat it for EXP using Tauros, and well, it almost died to Future Sight, and then when I thought I could live on like 2 HP from a Swift after healing up, Mewtwo got a high roll and killed Tauros. (My first death) I was really sad at this, because I really liked the Tauros and it had like Return and Work Up too. So then I tried to see what I could replace him with, and caught a Vipik City TV encounter since the Surfing and fishing didn’t work, and I caught a Starmie which is great but I already had a Slowbro. I then revived some fossils in my Secret Base and they weren’t even randomized, but I did get Omanyte Tyrunt and Kabuto, but I just didn’t really want them. So I decided to replace Tauros with my Yanma, Cropduster, as Silver Wind is a good STAB move for it and it evolves pretty easily and has Speed Boost too, and it also helps against Psychic-types that I could struggle with if Deino can’t take them on. (Like Mewtwo, since Swift sort of wrecks Deino’s poor special bulk) Then I faced an Abyssal Grunt and fought a FUCKING ZEKROM, which I eventually defeated with Florges after getting Thunderbolt paralyzed and almost dying to a crit. So now I’m probably going to grind up Yanma, and just try to help my team get through the Vipik Dump, but for now, this is the end of the part! See you guys in the next part!! (Rest in Peace Red Bull the Tauros)

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