Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 3!

So my Ancient Ruins encounter was a Snorlax, which I caught. Yep, a SNORLAX! Sadly though, it wasn’t Thick Fat and had a Modest nature, so I decided to keep Tauros on the team and put Lax in the PC. So after the whole Abyssal Cult thing in the Ancient Ruins, me and the squad went to Suntouched City (The Cyan Cavern encounter was a Conkeldurr which I accidentally ran away from >-<), and when we fished, we got a Speed Boost Yanma as our encounter, which is really sweet considering I adore Yanmega! I did the two News Report events (Both count as separate encounters) and got a Mr. Mime and a Simisage for that. Then I decided to challenge the gym and Orion, the first Gym leader, who had really scary mons like Archeops and Tangrowth, but we pulled through thanks to the power of grinding and good hard teamwork! (Mostly grinding though xD) We did the whole Taen thing and went on to the next Route (I forgot what was in the Exitway but I didn’t catch it anyways) My Route 3 encounter was a Gallade (Why do I keep getting such good encounters lol) which I caught! Then I went to Metchi Town where I got an Egg and fought our rival Nora, who I beat with no casualties, despite her having a Zapdos! then I went to Route 4, which I nicknamed the Bully Route, because my encounter there was a Chinchou which I like, but then I encountered Lucario, Porygon-Z, Heatmor, and a fricking Ho-Oh of all things, and I only got a Chinchou which made me sad LOL. My Delta Ralts encounter was a Starly, which is fine I guess if we need a Flying-type. Then the squad marched on to Vipik City, where I got another Egg and then I fought the Gym trainers! I may need to grind a bit for Xavier, but in the next part you shall see if the squad makes it through or if I get swept by whatever his Mega Pokémon is. (I’m banking on either Mega Blaziken or Mega Rayquaza, I’m gonna die xD)

Current Team: