Pokemon Insurgence Randomizer Nuzlocke Part 1!

So I’ve decided to do a Randomizer Nuzlocke because after finishing my first save file I sort of forgot the beginning of the game and wanted to go back through it, but with a bit more challenge this time! So I went through the whole Darkrai cult thingie and got my starter, which turned out to be a Throh! (I also could choose Magby and Ekans, but I liked Throh’s bulk over Magby’s power) Throh, sadly, only has Bind to attack with until Level 13, so grinding was a pain! My rival also had an Azumarill, which I stalled out with Bind. My Shade Forest encounter turned out to be a SLOWBRO (ITS SO GOOD) which I am super hyped about using, as Water Gun helps with actually hitting Ghost-types outside of Shedinja, and it’s physical bulk and nice power is great! So I grinded them both to Level 13 and battled the trainers of Shade Forest, and now I stand outside Telnor Cave, hoping to get a good encounter there, and hopefully not lose any mons!

Current Party: