Pokemon Insurgence - Pokemon Names

List some Delta Pokemon names here, I’m have a ton I’m gonna use on a team and need some. Also just use it for names you found in general
(I’ll also accept regular Pokemon names, but please keep it to a minimum, it’s mostly about Deltas)

The list will be updated whenever people post.
Delta Charizard Line: Phobos (?), Spector (?)
Delta Venusaur Line: Cloud (F), Fluff (F), Amethyst (?), Amy (F)
Delta Haxorus Line: Jaws, Anchorhead, Metal Mako
Delta Sunflora Line: Revenge, Arsonic
Delta Luxray Line: Lionide, Immunium
Delta Snorlax Line: Chillax (Winter)
Delta Muk Line: William
Delta Scizor Line: Scythe, Scrap, Claw
Delta Pidgeot Line: Chicken, Cockatoo, Rooster
Delta Gardevoir/Gallade Line: Volts, Frostshock, Voiceshock
Delta Roserade Line: Banket, Moonflower, Brimrose
Delta Snorlax Line: Floral, Gaia/Gaea, Livingdrum
Delta Chandelure Line: Fairosene, Lumiere
Delta Ludicolo Line: Pond Sage, Waterwizard
Delta Bisharp Line: Air Raid/Airraid, Excalibur, Skysword
Delta Litwick Line: Lumiereq
Delta Clamperl Line: Nora, Opal, Darkpearl
Delta Scraggy Line: Bush
Delta Liepard Line: Janus (Greek god of deception and opportunity)
Delta Reuniclus Line:
Delta Vespiquen Line: Robee, BugRocket2.0
Delta Avalugg Line: Brig, The Rock, Lavastone
Delta Golem Line: Bench, The Rock
Delta Glalie/Froslass Line: BOOM, Lavarock
Delta Drifblim Line: Junino, Boomballoon
Delta Noivern Line: Robobat 2.0, Bloombox
Delta Dwebble Line: Saladbar (Berry)
Delta Tentacruel Line: Brambles
Delta Goodra Line: Seafoam
Delta Electivire Line: Dripstone, Gargoyle
Delta Dragonite Line: Eelknight
Delta Regis: Soup (FIRE)/Broth (WATER)/Salt (GROUND) Spirit (e.g. Soup Spirit or Broth Spirit)
Delta Ambipom Line: M. Key, Highfive
Delta Cyndaquil Line: Tesla, Burn
Delta Volcarona Line: Nova
Delta Misdreavus Line: Claus
Delta Metagross Line (SPIDER):
Delta Metagross Line (CRYSTAL/RUIN):
Crobat Line: Saks (F) (Was originally named “sack” as a sack Pokemon, then actually added to OP’s team)

D. Axew was Jaws/Anchorhead.
D. Chand was Lumiere.
D. Sunflora was Revenge.

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i named my d. volcarona Nova if that helps


i am a delta collector,got all deltas on the game exept delta golett and delta hoopa,so here is what i named everyone(some are in other language so i translated the best i can),the deltas you get from trade arent here because the names were kepted
D.Venusaur line:Amy,like in sonic i think,my nephew sugested it for me
D.Muk line:Wiliam,real name of sand-man,the villain for spider man
D.Scizor line:Scythe,anothe name suggested by my nephew
D.Pidgeott line:Chicken
D.Ralts line:Volts,eletric joke
D.Budew line:Banket,like blanket,but whit no L
D.Snorlax:Floral,becuase flower
D.Litwick:Lumiere,from beauty and the beast(would it be beauty and the pokemon in the pokeworld?,what would be the pokemon?)
D.Sunkern:Grimer,the body looks like what grimer is made of,idk
D.Clamperl:Nora,i have no idea why,im just sure is not about the rival
D.Scraggy:Gregoria,came from greg
D.Liepard:Janus,because is the deceit pokemon,and also LIEpard,yes i like sanders sides
D.Solosis:Ntfc.bell,from battle from grandma,i wont give any spoilers,just watch the series is not that big and is on YT,or just watch the last episode
D.Bergmite:star,idk star vs the forces of evil?
D.Geodude:Bench,just read it dex here
D.Pawniard:Queeniard,chess has paws,but my delta pawniard is not a paw,she is a queen,so queeniard
D.Snorunt:BOOOOOOOOOM,do i need to explain?
D.Drifloon:Junino,i cant translate so here it goes,in my countrie there are a holyday/event that is called festa junina,and there are ballons that look kinda like that,and since its a boy,junino
D.Nobat:Cy,it looks like a cyborg
D.Aipom:High five,it has a big hand on the tail
D.Cyndaquil:Tesla,i dont really need to explain
D.Phantump:valeria,i have no idea
D.Misdreavus:Claus:because santa
D.Metang(spider):Lucas:lucas the spider on YT
D.Emolga:Bianca,If i remeber correclity bianca had a emolga on the anime
D.Dunsparce:Glitch,idk really
D.Chinchou:Daddy deare,his eyes remebered me from Daddy dearest from FNF,but it dint fit
D.Petitil(water fire):Balafogo,another name in a language that cant be translated,basicaly,it looks like fire inside candy,in my language the candy is called bala,and fire is fogo,so thats the name
D.Ditto:Bolck,from block
D.Deino:not shiny,i found a female and though it was shiny
D.Pikachu,Rainbowdash,it was female,flying,and a character from MLP was the first my brain got me to
D.Squirtle:Michelangel,TMNT,michelangelo dint fit
D.Diglett:TOPeira,because mole in my language is topeira,and that delta is TOP
Starting Holon
D.Karrablast:Bow,it has a bow
D.Treecko:Po,idc that it isint a panda
D.Mawile:Rose,there are some i dont need to explain
D.Pettitil(fairy flying):tinker bell,it reminded me of a fairy
D.Buneary:Malzinho,cant traslate,just bad but little
D.Riolu:Anubis,it was based on anubis i think
D.Torchic:Ra,it was based on ra i think
D.Muddy:because it mud
D.Froakie:el bigodon,because it has a bigodon(mustache)
D.Snivy:Scale fish,it has scalies
D.Magby:Air,is the only thing he dosent have underwater
D.turtwig:Oliva,olive turtle
D.Dwebble(grass poison):Baie,the other one is gateuea(i think,i remeberm like that but i think i renamed it),and Baie is berry in frech,like gateau(how do you spell this)is french for cake
D.Darumaka:LD,lemon demon form FNF,because of the smile
D.Foongus:Pallysol,yo-kai watch
D.Croagunk:Pus,because of the big things
D.Kabuto:Mommy meare,same as delta chincou but this time is female
D.Seedot:Lampy,it looks like a lamp
D.Hoothoot:Bula,one more that i have no idea
D,Meditite:Goat,very original name i know
D.Elekid:gagoyle,is a gargoyle,it makes sense
D.Remoraid:Flare,it remids me of a flare gun
D.Sableye:Etsone,eat stone
D.Aron:BF,it reminds of a FNF mod where there is BF dad and mom and the eyes reminded me of them
D.Veniped:EVRTIGISBUR,everything is burning,dex entry
D.Beldum(ruin):Arm,do i need to explain
D.Wailmer:Tanso,shiny normal wailmer looks like thanos,this is just a way that people say to be funny on where i live
D.Amaura:Lila,isle in my language is ilha,l comes to the front,h becomes l,lila,and is a name where i live
D.Larvesta:Hollow,the mask of its evolutions remeber me of hollow night
D.Regis:Ice=Water,Rock=Ground,Stell=Fire,so basicaly there are three new regis whit regiwater,regiground,and regifire
D.Melloetta:Lasido,i named my melloetta doremifasol,the rest where lasido
D.Hoopa:willy,the genie from aladdin voice actor
Thanks for reading
i gonna update when i get the other deltas

we have the same name for delta chandelure

Here’s a fair selection from my own deltas.
D Sunflora - Arsonic
D Luxray - Lionide
D Snorlax (Winter Leaf) - Chillax
D Roserade - Brimrose
D Axew - Metal Mako
D Pidgeot - Rooster
D Chandelure - Fairosene (Lumiere’s better tho tbh)
D Ludicolo - Pond Sage
D Bisharp - Air Raid
D Noivern - Bloombox
D Dwebble Berry - Salad Bar
D Tentacruel - Brambles
D Goomy - Sea Foam
D Electivire - Drip Stone
D Dratini - Eel Knight
D Regis - Soup/Broth/Salt Spirit (respectively to fire, water, ground)

That’s about it for now I guess.

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good name for the noivern,i would never think of that

way too many lmao, i can’t fit em all

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I named my delta scraggy Bush


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Arsonic is there perfect pun, I love it

Reuniclus is Runerigus, or Rune