Pokemon Insurgence not running efficiently?

Hi there! I am new to the forums but NOT new to the game. I completely played through Omicron/Zeta and played through the 6 badges available in Insurgence. The game ran great and smooth and was incredibly fun and enjoyable thus the reason I am chomping at the bits to play Insurgence again.

HOWEVER…the game for me is running really choppy. The moment after winning a battle and “fades to black” at the end to go back to the overworld is really slow and seems laggy along with the HP/XP bars also. HECK when I go into turbo on the highest speed available my character moves SLOWER than just in plain running mode. The turbo works in the battle but it completely negated by the laggy end of battle sequence.

Here is what I am using. I am playing on a desktop PC. Windows 8.1 Pro. Intel Core i3-6100 CPU @3.70 GHz and 8 GB of ram.64 bit operating system.

I should mention I did some research into this issue and will list what I have done to try and solve this issue. Here is that list: -I made sure nothing was running in the background and the ONLY thing opened was the game. I even restarted my PC with no avail. Even left my computer OFF the whole time at work to see if that worked which it did not. -I uninstalled and reinstalled the core multiple times. -I looked up the base specs needed and i have far better than those minimum requirements. -Checked to see if it was an internet issue (I know there really isn’t a way thats possible since it can be played offline) and that is not the case. -I played other far more demanding games such as Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 in high settings and no lag was visible -I even tried games less demanding like the Binding of Isaac, which I ran while Discord being open chatting with a friend, with no lag. Doing this made sure it wasn’t that my computer couldn’t handle it -I even uninstalled some stuff to make room, which I had 70+ percent space, to see if that worked. -I ran a full virus scan, defragged, system updated, driver checked to no avail -I tried the F1 menu and unchecked the flickering thing, left it on, unchecked the smooth “something” option and checked it and the combination of both options to no avail

I’m sorry to leave such a long message/list of what I did but I’d figure I would get that out of the way so if you do take time to help me out you know what I have already tried and perhaps offer me a suggestion that I haven’t tried yet.

Update: I tried disabling my virus protection that didn’t work. Reinstalled my video card drivers and updates and that didn’t work. Tried compatibility mode/changing resolution and all of that stuff to no avail. I am truly at a loss on what to do. I just rebooted my PC not to long ago (wiping the slate clean and resinstalled windows and everything) so its not like I have an overabundance of clutter on my PC. Maybe I can try rebooting again and see where that goes but I’m not able to do that anytime soon.

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Well, I have the same problem as you whenever my PC is low on battery. Check if your PC is low on battery.

My PC being low on battery? I’m an idiot not posting what I am using. I am using a desktop PC so no battery here…unless I don’t know something? I’m not greatly savvy in PC talk.

Oh, well have you downloaded anything recently? Maybe your PC is running out of storage space.

I would look at my C drive to see how much space I have correct? I also updated the original post with my specs.

Also the only thing I have downloaded was Insurgence haha

Huh, well I really have no idea what the problem is. Although, im not a very techy person. Hope you find a fix to your problem

I appreciate the time you took to try and help :). Perhaps thinking of reinstalling winzip then the core. Maybe it didn’t zip correctly. Will update if it worked or not.

Using winzip did not help in any way. Bummer…misewell deal with it for now.

Also disabling virus protection didn’t help either…

This happens to me too, but cant find any relation to the other PC tasks running.

This doesn’t happen though.

It seems to appear at random times, and gets fixed after a day.

I’m having the exact same problems and I tried most things you tried to fix it, to no avail. Hopefully someone here Comes up with a solution

So I found out playing the game in a medium sized window helps. It doesn’t lag NEARLY as much but still has hiccups. Plays near as normal as can be and can enjoy/actually play the game. Check out the thread I started asking if resintalling windows would get rid of lag in Insurgence to find out the options I am using currently! Still hoping to find a way to play the game full screen. Could it be a resolution problem? Seems weird if it was since every other game can be played full screen and everything fits but maybe there is something I do not know.