Pokémon Insurgence: Legendary Re-encounters

So, I’m wondering for future reference. If you accidentally kill a legendary Pokémon, are you able to re-encounter them?

I think the only re-encounterable legendaries are :
Heatran/ Volcanion : Can be found in their prespective locations if killed (fiery caverns/ cave of stream respectively, will not respawn again if killed in these locations)
Mew : If killed in the first encounter you have with it (in which you can catch it) I think it can respawns after beating the e4 or smth (if you kill it again though iirc it wont respawn)
And all of the roamers (they will always respawn until they are registered on your dex)


alright, thank you

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afaik the mew doesnt respawn but i havent tested that or smth
also zygarde is also re encounterable. the first enc is when battling taen and the second one spawns in the terminus cave after pursuing reukra


Sorry for necroing but I can confirm mew does respawn after defeating the e4


what you said wasnt necroing this is