Pokemon Insurgence Bug

Hi, something weird happened to my game… Everytime I enter the game, the game looks fine but my guy can’t move and I can not click x for menu. Even though other cpus can walk around?? This is in the Utira library. Quicksave with v and p and all other keys work.

Please help me

I tried downloading the patch but I have no idea if it is the right one, if it works or anything…

Try rebinding in the options menu.

Which menu? If you’re talking about the menu u open with “x”, it doesn’t open

What should I change? or rebind?

Oh like make the x button and my arrow buttons different keys on the keyboard?

didn’t work… Any other ideas?

Would downloading the patch work?

Hi , I actually have the same bug , damian can’t enter in the library and I can’t move . Someone have an idea how to fix it ?