Pokemon Insurgence accessibility for the blind

I am fully blind and a big pokémon fan. I have always wanted to play the main titles, but can’t due to vision problems. That’s why I’m here. Would it be possible to add text to speech in pokémon Insurgence? This would make the game readible by blind. Would it also be possible to add sounds for object’s and people? Let’s say there’s a wall to your right, the wall makes a sound and the sound get’s louder the closer you get. This would make it possible for blind people to navigate the overworld. I know that this isn’t a lite request, but this would make pokémon Insurgence mutch more accessible. Thanks for reading.



For the next update we will be looking into adding and fixing several settings for people who are blind or vision impaired. I do not want to commit too much to saying which features will be added for certain at this point in time because there is always the possibility of them being too much for a game like this to accommodate. However, at the very least wall collision sound effects will be added for certain. I am also always open to additional suggestions which are likely to increase accessibility even if I discover later that I cannot implement them.


that sounds awesome. Thank you so mutch.!


hello developers. Thank you, Thanks a lot for considering accessibility for us, i appreciate it, and I, and probably gamulation will do the testing and the feadbacking part. Hope this gets realised