Pokemon gender changer

a gender changer in the secret bases would be really helpful for certain pokemon like the delta ralts line if you want a gallade but your ralts is a female then well oof wait until you can get a delta ditto and breed until you get a male one.so please add a gender changer for pokemon it’d help alot

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even if you changed a DELTA’s gender it can’t breed. they can only breed with delta ditto, tho would work on anything else that can breed

He means so that if a pokemon has a gender-based evolution,the most famous example being Combee,you can change its gender and evolve it into that form,as opposed to hunting for hours on end.

fun fact: you can actually encounter a female Delta Gallade in randomizer mode…

I found one in my Randomizer

I thought the delta combee was always female? If not, I was very lucky to get it first try.

Note the lack of the word delta in my post.