Pokemon fan games which have online features?

Hey Boys and Girls,

I really enjoyed Insurgence for a long time! It is such a great game but right now I am waiting for the next update so i would like to test another fan made Pokemon game BUT it should also include Online freatures like trading and battling with friends :slight_smile:

Pls make suggestions for Fan made games that include:

  • Online battling and trading
  • a great story
  • at least 8 badges and a playtime of at least 30 houres

Thank u very much. I am looking forward to ur answers :slight_smile:

Pokemon Uranium if you can find a download.Nintendo took the game down.

If you download pokemon uranium, you’ll want to get the unofficial server since the official one has been down for several weeks now. It’s pinned on the pokemon uranium reddit.

Thank u Guys, do u know any game without fakemons? :slight_smile:

None with online features.

Hmm Okay :confused: could u Send me The Link dir uranium with online Features? :slight_smile:

That’s the official unofficial download.

That’s the official unofficial server download and instructions. Alternatively, you can download the launcher with the unofficial patches and the alternate server already installed a bit further down on the page.