Pokemon Empyrean Playthrough(Not IA's)

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Also, anyone have a recording software that I should use? Preferably free

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obs is nice :+1:

offtopic but...

is this nice? :confused:

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I wish that was in-game. lol

Imma try OBS tho

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also change ur fricking showdown name I got a nightmare about it lmao


I actually don’t think that I’ll be able to do the speedrun due to storage limitations as well as other stuff, so I’ll take new suggestions

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I can’t xD


kIlL tHe GoBlIn

Playthrough Poll
  • No Faint Challenge
  • Randomizer
  • Deltalocke/Insurgencelocke(Pokemon only exclusive to Insurgence)
  • Pokemon Reborn
  • Pokemon Uranium
  • Pokemon Empyrean
  • Other

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…wut lol

I usually have all of my runs in nuzlocke mode then do a no faint challenge because I enjoy the Nuzlocke Balls. Pretty op

There are a lot of playthroughs atm


really? i really only see one that regularly updates tho
mine is practically mine ded
one’s playthro is dead
bogga’s only updates after getting a shiny/beating a gym which is about 1-2 weeks
your’s has pressed pause

and + most of us are excited to see a speedrun

Guess I’ll have to mute another one



Time to waste another hour lol

Honestly, I’ll probs do Empyrean cause I’ve beaten every other game. I’ll have to start right before the 3rd gym tho

Okay everyone, I’m switching to Pokemon Empyrean because of too many technical difficulties with the Speedrun. I’ll start sending screenshots now, though I’m at the 3rd gym.

As of right now, I’m grinding for Ashy, trying to evolve Ryu, Frank, and Jade. I caught a shiny Yanma in the Shian Swamp and named it Helio, and I got a card from it using a card ball. I got an up-grade from the fishing game at the carnival, so I think I can use it to get a Yanmega card(That’s how it works, right?). Everyone has a Lucky Egg except for Frank with the Lucky Share.